Top 5 cities to visit in Rajasthan

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How about attractive you to the state of Rajasthan today? The look, Rajasthan (राजस्थान) is made of two words, Raj (राज – Royal) and Sthan (स्थान – Place) and Knowing the place of royals. And let me tell you, it in reality is the place of royals which has many kingdoms. This is the most important state in India which is situated on the North West.

Rajasthan has been seat of a lot of empire since antique times. It has several cities which make better of royal palaces and other historical monument. a number of of the cities that you don’t want to overlook on your vacation to Rajasthan are,

Udaipur (उदयपुर)Top five cities to visit in Rajasthan No 5
The City of Udaipur is also famous as the “Venice of India” as the city has quite a lot of lakes. The city also has several historical monuments and known for its well-to-do culture.Top five cities to visit in Rajasthan No 13

Jodhpur (जोधपुर)
The city of Jodhpur is known as fortress city at the edge of the Thar Desert, famous for its blue homes and architecture. Camel safari is a must!

Jaisalmer (जैसलमेर)
The city of Jaisalmer is legendary for its golden fortress, palaces and a number of of the oldest Jain Temples and libraries.

Bikaner (बीकानेर)
The city of Bikaner is known for its music, desert, historical palaces and temples. Bikaner is a city in the northwest of the state of Rajasthan in northern India. It is situated 330 kilometers northwest of the state capital, Jaipur. Bikaner city is the managerial headquarters of Bikaner District and Bikaner division Read more about.Read More ……..About Rajasthan Cultural Tour, About Rajasthan Wildlife Tour  Rajasthan tour package from Delhi India


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