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Kerala Holidays

Kerala, a state situated on the tropical Malabar Coast of southwestern India, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, Down south of India nestled among st the hills and the sea is the state of Kerala. It beholds beauty in natural form in its green pastures; their religious leanings are very strong and also host places of historic interest. Aptly called Gods own Country, with its natural waterways, lagoons and canals, Kerala is a must visit place for any tourist.

1. The backwatershoneymoon-tour-packages-sri-lanka
It is a natural phenomenon where the sea has made inroads to the land. Forms small islands where people live in their own life style. A culture which is unique to each of these places can be experienced in these islands between lagoons. Starting from the hutment to solid construction and shopping arcades can be experienced in these quaint water ways. Much different from what people see in the famous city of Venice.

2. The Western GhatsHayman
The Nilgiri range of hills runs along the state. The rivers that run between the hills and flows into dams and reservoirs makes for such pristine locations to spend hours of quite solitude. The wetern ghats which Nilgiri is a part of, offers natural habitat to a wide range of birds and other flora fauna. Some of the well known tourist spots are Wayanad and Iddukki. Tourists would return with feeling of exalted happiness from such natural beauty.

3. The Beachesheader_bg_honeymoon_trips
With its association with a long coastline, Kerala has in its laps some of the most exotic beaches. The Varkala, Kovalam, Marari and few of the beaches which tourists throng to all around the year. Adventure sports like surfing, speed boat racing and water skiing are some of the activities tourists can indulge in. Most beaches are safe for swimming near all over year. Fishing is an important livelihood of people in Kerala and the sea going trawlers and boats return in the evening with their catch. It is a sight to behold along any beach the line of boats against the backdrop of the dipping sun. A unique method of fishing leftover from the Chinese legacy is the Chinese fishing nets. Where, a curio to be witnessed as they operate the Chinese fishing nets.

4. A Cultural Havenkerala tour
Rich and abundant not only in natural beauty, Kerala is a state whose people are culturally very affluent. The practice and are perfect in various dance forms of Indian origin. Like the Kathakali , Mohiniatam and the likes. They are able to express feelings like distress to humor. The state turn vibrant during the festival seasons and there are many important ones that is celebrated with verve. Temples are lit up and solemn hymns are chanted by the pundits. Elephants which are the revered animal of Kerala are part of the temple religious rituals. Dressed up in glittering jewels they are paraded in majestic blaze.

5. Ayurvedic PracticesAyurvedic Practices
Ayurveda is a form of medical practice that has its origin in the Indian subcontinent and the state of Kerala in particular. This form of medical treatment involves oil extract of natural plants and herbs being applied on the body of the patient. It is a rejuvenating method of treatment that has been a cure for many ailments which modern medicine has not been able to treat or answer to. Ayurvedic spas with trained masseurs are available all over the state. Tourrists would find it interesting to undergo a massage at any of these spas. There are also trained medical practitioners of the Ayurvedic treatment process with the main center being at Kottakkal. Chronic cases of ailment can be treated under the holistic methods that are applied at these hospitals.

Ayurvedic Practices kerla

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