Accommodation options in Nainital

Desi Travellers in Nainital

Accommodation options in Nainital

Hotel options in Nainital range from budget hotels to resorts, homestays as well as guest lodges and hostels, popular among backpackers.


State: Uttarakhand

Famous for/as: Hill

Altitude: 2084 M

Pincode: 263001

District: Nainital

Language: Hindi

STD code: 05942

Weather: Summer 10 To 24°C, Winter -4 To 13°C

Featured of Nainital

Featured review about Nainital

A wonderful place with amazing presentation to nature a cable car runs to Snow View observation point that we couldn’t take our eyes off. A slick and clean lake on one side and the lodgings on the opposite side at the foothills. The climate is so flawless, perfect and quiet that it will southern your spirit and make you feel invigorated. The inns with wooden dividers and floors demonstrate an altogether different sort of masterful creation which will get you surprised over it. Attempt Maggie made by the small vendors on the roadside, being a road nourishment mate you can likewise attempt the Gol gappas ‘Pani poori’ and Bhel on the Mall street. Eating softy dessert with merry on top will esteem the kids inside you. Aside from that hookah and brew bars have an amazing group and energy of stimulation. The sculling part with light music on the block will refresh your brain and make you stretch free and soothen your life and thought.

For youngsters the gaming parlors in the roadside will be best destination. Some of the time the sun and rain gives you excellent numerous rainbows on the sky which will be a flawless mix of magnificence of nature. Have a glad stay, must visit put and find details about Uttarakhand Tour Packages.

Perfect hill station in Uttarakhand

Perfect hill station in Uttarakhand

Nainital is one of the most loved spot in Uttarakhand, you can go there consistently on the grounds that the things are with the end goal that makes it so wonderful and fanatic. The first holiday when you go there with family, we remained to book Naini Retreat Resort and stay here; you came to there during your best choice. Nani Retreat gives best facility and providing a breathtaking view of the Naini Lake at an altitude of 1,995 meters. This luxury hotel, a strikingly beautiful palatial building, embodies an old-world charm along with visible impressions of contemporary luxury. If you are wondering what awaits you here, then you will be glad to know that we offer royally furnished bedrooms, the best luxury rooms and suites in Nainital, that exude new age grandeur and hospitality. In any case, any ways we needed to go. We as of now booked a taxi which was to go all where in Nainital and the driver let us know he will take us to 7 focuses including Cave garden, Lover’s point, Suicide point, Temple, One Waterfall, Snow see point, Naini lake and Asia’s most astounding Zoo(as he told). We have had a considerable measure of fun in every one of the focuses and remained there for a lot of time. The view from Snow top to the city is peaceful sentimental. The Naini lake resembles a mango molded. From that point you can see Himalayas too and The Great Wall of China through Telescopes (you can arrive for a few bucks). Give in garden is a decent place where you can have a great time. Be careful at suicide point extraordinarily Acrophobia folks. There’s nothing unique to eat in there however hand longed for candles are well known. Get some for your accomplice or a notice of Naini. Attempt to visit every one of the taals, there are 9 as name say Naini-9. The zoo is extremely intriguing as Siberian Tiger the principle fascination. Its white tiger however you have to stroll on inclines a great deal which you will most likely get drained so head at zoo toward the end of day. The Mall street and the tremendous ground other than shopping center street and before Jama Masjid is appealing. Attempt some Tibetan nourishment which you will get inside the shopping center street and stroll after supper in the shopping center street. The place is magnificent. Go investigate to cheerful voyaging! Here find more information about Rishikesh Mussoorie Tour at

Incredible Excursionist Destination-Nainital

Incredible Excursionist Destination-Nainital

Nainital is sobriquet as Lake District in Uttarakhand, this place is well known its lovely flawless lakes and for amiable climate conditions consistently, however its a little slope station encompassed by awesome slopes n pine trees at both side of the Lake. Individuals crosswise over various states n urban communities are coming each year to appreciate this astonishing spot, it is likewise because of plausible n great transport availability.

This little hill station is packed in summers, there are numerous lodgings, shops, eateries, roadside nourishment slows down while in transit to Mall Road as indicated by your n spending plan, one can appreciate eating n purchasing gifts for oneself, relatives and companions, as wooden things, wax candles, shoes, woolen, fake frill and so forth., on the of shopping center street there is Chandani Chowk eatery, do visit this spots as the inside and outside reminds Chandani Chowk Delhi.

Nainital is a place for all age, couple, family, senior citizens and friends, on the off chance that you need to appreciate tranquil and quiet Lake simply sit aside by the Lake on a seats or can take a watercraft ride as well, yet do take wellbeing measures as the Lake is profound and climate is erratic. Shimla Manali Tour

Tourist Attraction in Nainital

There are many tourist attraction to explore some are within n others at distance of some km.

1. Rope Way

2. China Peak

3. Cave Garden

4. Church

5. Tibetan Market

6. Nainital Zoo

7. Boat House Club

8. Naini Temple

9. Gurudwara

10. Jama Masjid

11. horse Riding

12. Bhimtal

13. Naukuchiatal

14. khurpatal

15. Sukhatal

16. Corbett National Park

17. Governor’s House

18. Dorothy’s Seat

19. Sariatal and many more.

Do visit Tibetan Market and Baara Bazaar at Mallital, as this place is vibrant and full of life, people busying in shopping, eating and enjoying, both morning and night of Nainital is valuer, wake up earlier and enjoy yachting, and night adds majestic vigor to this hill station twinkle and sparkle on the top of every hills, its seems that someone had open the Treasure Box of Precious gems n jewels. At the end this place is totally Paisa Wasool tourist destination, no one disappoints or regret after coming back from this mystic place.

Escape the Heat in The Queen of Hills Musoorie

Nainital, the lake of Speechless Beauty

We, my friend and I visited Nainital in the month of October in this year. It is a Tal(lake) in the lap of the Himalaya at an altitude of about 2084 mt in the district of Nainital of Kumaun region, Uttarakhand province of Indian Sub-Continent. If you want to get rid of your daily hectic life for some days then it is a must visit place. The soothing green lake, sailing of boats on it and its well decorated and maintained surroundings will make your mind peace, calm and joyful. The area is very clean and it won’t allow you to make that dirty. You can also visit the high altitude zoo where a number of Himalayan rare species of animal has been sheltered. Another place of attraction is the Naina Devi temple, is one of the "Shakti peeth according to Hindu mythology on the bank of Nainital. One can also enjoy the sailing over the Lake by various types of boat available on rent and witness a gorgeous sunset on the water of the lake. This is the perfect place for those who love shopping. You can also take a birdview of the shops at the mall road, the heart of Nainital. Many wax made show-piece, fragrant candles and various type of woollen clothes are unique there. It is a must visit place for all nature lovers. Best of Himachal Tour

Perfect Mountain Getaway

Perfect Mountain Getaway To Spend Some Days In Laidback Style

Nainital town grew up around the Naini Lake; the most vital perspective about the place is that one will undoubtedly feel cheerful. On one side of the lake is the town of Nainital and on the opposite side is Green Mountain. The lake is excellently perfect inspite of the line, paddle water crafts utilizing on it. The cruising yachts certainly make the lake remarkable. This is a destination for all kind of voyagers.

The Naina Devi Temple, Barra Bazaar, Snow see point are an absolute necessity visit. Visit alternate lakes like Bhimtaal, Sariataal, Naukuchiyataal, Sattaal, Khurpataal in the event that you have time. The High Altitude Zoo can be crossed to see uncommon Himalayan animals. Little climb trails are likewise present in the town. Dorothy’s seat is one of them. Nainital maintains the genuine soul of India and it is delighting to discover the sanctuary, mosque and gurudwara all standing one next to the other.

The Mallital end of the lake is extremely energetic and humming with explorers and local people all making the most of their day together. Diners, chaats, moves, momos, cotton treat; great eateries all are available here. Barra Bazaar and Tibetan Markets are the two markets. Candles, wood specialties are trinkets one can bring home separated from articles of clothing. The candles begin from a value run as low as INR 10 and the stoles from INR 100.

To achieve the snow see point one can either climb up. The street is quite great and shaded by pine trees. Then again one can take the link auto which costs INR 150 for every individual. Every link auto permits around 10-11 individuals at once. 1 hour is the conceded times one can remain in the snow see point. The snow sees guide happens toward have heaps of experience rides like free fall, trampoline, go karting and so on. Every expense about INR 150-200, Diners are in abundance. Magnificent perspective of the snow pinnacles is accessible from here. Binoculars can be leased for INR 10 for 5 Minutes. Pointing amusements can likewise be delighted in. Detached place among the pine trees to simply watch the nature without aggravation is here. The flying perspective of the lake from the link auto ought not to be missed. Keep in mind to walk and simply appreciate the beautiful lake see from the Mall Road. Sit in the seats shaded by the maple trees and invest some quality energy with your friends and family!

Top attractions in Nainital recommended

Nainital Lake

1. Nainital Lake

Type: Lake

Entry: Free

Ranked: 1 Of 26

Ratings: 6.23/7 (210 Reviews)

We loved this place, we have been to Nainital 2nd time and last time we were not able to enjoy much of lake …So this time we went 3 times in our 4 days stay in Nainital…it was nice rejuvenating experience.. Definitely recommended

2. Naina Devi Temple

Type: Temple

Entry: Free

Ranked: 2 Of 26

Ratings: 6.06/7 (60 Reviews)

Naina Devi Temple is a well-known holy temple in Nainital located near the lake. Know more about Naina Devi history, mythology and importance, this temple provides a complete serenity. You can stay this temple in order to attain a peace of mind away from the hubbub of the town. Also get to know the details about the goddess in the temple there.

The Mall Road

3. The Mall Road

Type: Street

Entry: Free

Ranked: 3 Of 26

Ratings: 6.04/7 (53 Reviews)

The Mall Road offers the chance to walk among the local individuals; you get a scope to know the people and culture outright. Besides, it offers a possibility for a good walk and shopping simultaneously. Enjoy the weather and walk down the memory lane!

Corbett National Park

4. Corbett National Park

Type: National Park

Entry: Free

Ranked: 4 Of 26

Ratings: 5.31/7 (15 Reviews)

This national park satisfies all your dreams to capture the wilderness in front of your eyes. The tigers crossing your path as you are on the safari, with the loitering rhinos. You can camp the night out in the wilderness and experience the thrill Nainital Corbett Tour

Boat House Club

5. Boat House Club

Type: Club

Entry: Paid

Ranked: 5 Of 26

Ratings: 5.59/7 (12 Reviews)

You dine and go on a boat ride. This is a splendid visit and the trip satisfies the expenditures. Get a trip round the lake and enjoy the peacefulness around the hills surrounding as you go for a trip on the tals.  find more option nearby Nainital with Rishikesh Mussoorie Tour

Governor’s House

6. Governor’s House

Type: Mansion

Entry: Paid

Ranked: 6 Of 26

Ratings: 3.60/7 (5 Reviews)

Governor House actually is a building from British era. It is in a palatial form and has an attractive architecture. You can visit in and enjoying going through the chapters of history in the museum inside


7. Aurobindo Ashram

Type: Place Of Worship

Entry: Free

Ranked: 7 Of 26

Ratings: 5.07/7 (4 Reviews)

Peacefulness is what this ashram is all meant for. You can attain a good peace of mind and enjoy the calmness all around as you step into this ashram. This temple is a must visit if you are in search of peace. Nainital Ranikhet Corbett Tour

Star Gazing

8. Star Gazing

Type: View Point

Entry: Paid

Ranked: 8 Of 26

Ratings: 5.00/7 (4 Reviews)

This place claims a paid visit. You can simply sit back and have a close look into the night sky with the lit up stars and planets all around you. Fantasize the starlit sky and enjoy yourself. Best of Uttarakhand Tour

Mukteshwar Temple

9. Mukteshwar Temple

Type: Temple

Entry: Free

Ranked: 9 Of 26

Ratings: 6.00/7 (4 Reviews)

If you are out on a sightseeing spree, make it a point to visit this place. The temple is on a cliff which gives a distinct view of the valley deep below. You can also enjoy the adventure sport arrangements done there. Nearby Nainital vacation with Almora Kausani Tour

High altitude zoo in Nainital

10. High Altitude Zoo

Type: Zoo

Entry: Paid

Ranked: 10 Of 26

Ratings: 5.83/7 (4 Reviews)

A well maintained zoological garden on the mountains. This zoo has got a good numbers of different kinds of animal species. They are well groomed and properly looked after. A nice place to take your kids along, if you find more information about popular Luxury hotels in Nainital to contact his have best Accommodation options in Nainital.

1. Naini Retreat

Ranked: 1 Of 263

Ratings: 5.55/7 (147 Reviews)

Historically referred to as the residence of the Maharaja of Pilibhit, The Naini Retreat Hotel is among the best heritage hotels located in Nainital. The hotel is situated on the picturesque Ayarpatta Slopes, providing a breathtaking view of the Naini Lake at an altitude of 1,995 meters.This luxury hotel, a strikingly beautiful palatial building, embodies an old-world charm along with visible impressions of contemporary luxury. If you are wondering what awaits you here, then you will be glad to know that we offer royally furnished bedrooms, the best luxury rooms and suites in Nainital, that exude new age grandeur and hospitality. Read more information about Naini Retreat Nainital at

2. Manu Maharani

Ranked: 2 Of 263

Ratings: 5.8/7 (197 Reviews)

Address: Grassmere Estate

This is the best hotel that I had seen at Nainital but it is situated on a very high altitude. This is the only disadvantage that I saw but overall it is a superb hotel. This hotel was full of delight and enjoyment that and my all family- If you find more about The Manu Maharani, Nainital details visit at

3. The Royal Court

Ranked: 3 Of 263

Ratings: 6.06/7 (14 Reviews)

Address: Sattal Road Bhowali Range Nainital

It was nice experience to visit and stopped at hotel, the hotel is set at the very good location. The tea of the hotel is realy good and i want to drink that tea once more. Room was clean and hygienic. Stay was comfortable. Royal court is a, If you find more about The Royal Court, Bhimtal details visit at

4. Earl’s Court Hotel

Ranked: 4 Of 263

Ratings: 5.63/7 (30 Reviews)

Address: Near Balika School Mallital

The Earls Court is a friendly, centrally located hotel in the heart of London. The area is picturesque and cheerful and has a cosmopolitan heaven. The hotel is well served by a selection of bars and restaurants and is conveniently situated for London’s theatres and nightlife. With Earls Court Station and Earls Court Exhibition Centre at its door step, it also caters for the needs of both the business traveller and tourist. We look forward to welcoming you to the Earls Court, which prides itself in providing high quality service and accommodation at affordable prices. it is Good Hotel on good location but not very prime location, comfortable stay, neat and clean rooms, food is also very good, proper parking, Hotel staff is also cooperative, if you want comfortable stay on If you find more about The Earls Court Nainital details visit at

5. Welcome Park Hotel

Ranked: 5 Of 263

Ratings: 5.3/7 (68 Reviews)

Address: Tallital, Nainital

Welcome Park Hotel is a budget hotel and also provides comfy stay to tourists, Hotel Welcome park is located in Nainital on the hills of Uttarakhand, Hotel is good, but wi fi is not available in room,. Lake view from room is excellent, worth every penny. Food and facilities are up-to the mark. Ambiance is good and hotel is clean, if you find more about luxury hotel Corbett details visit at

6. Alka – The Lake Side Hotel

Ranked: 6 Of 263

Ratings: 5.59/7 (242 Reviews)

Address: The Mall Road

The hotel is situated on the mall road and has awesome view from rooms. You stayed here for two nights. Nice clean rooms and room service was good. The staff was very co -operative and helpful. Breakfast was just okay. Average food and it’s up to, Golden triangle with shimla, If you find more details visit at

7. Grand Hotels

Ranked: 7 Of 263

Ratings: 5.61/7 (99 Reviews)

Address: The Mall, Nainital

Hi everyone, i went to Nanital with my husband after 10 days of our marriage for Honeymoon. We stay in Grand Hotel.this hotel have all facility like spacious room, Heater, clean Bathroom, Attach lobby. We booked special room for us with all Decoration. Read more information about similar hotel Chevron Fairhaven’s Nainital visit at

8. The Calm Cottages

Ranked: 8 Of 263

Ratings: 6.73/7 (3 Reviews)

Showcasing a playground and views of the mountains, The Calm Cottages is located in Mukteswar in the region of Uttarakhand, Like the name,the cottages are a real calm haven where one can relax in the beautiful greens,soaking in the cool, lovely weather and the warm hospitality , Their staff was very nice and hospitable and we liked the food served by them. They even took care of the needs of our small baby girl, if you more similar hotel Seasons Hotel & Resorts, Nainital visit at

Classic The Mall Hotel

9. Classic The Mall Hotel

Price: Rs. 5,500 – 6,500

Ranked: 9 Of 263

Ratings: 5.46/7 (97 Reviews)

Address: Mall Road Nainital

Hotel Classic The Mall, Nainital Have a pleasant stay in a room facing the beautiful Nainital Lake at the hotel Classic The Mall. The hotel is close to nearly all the location is good but the tariff of the hotel is high even the hotel is very basic nothing special in hotel. Read more information about similar hotel Aamari Resort Nainital visit at

10. Blue Saphire Clarks Inn

Ranked: 10 Of 263

Ratings: 5.95/7 (24 Reviews) Address: Manpur Uttar,

Rampur Road, Haldwani

Blue Saphire Clarks Inn Haldwani is one of the best hotels in Haldwani, providing the best services in the hospitality industry. The facility is astonished to find that the room was missing with common standard goodies like a dental kit, sewing kit, shoe shiner, floor mat, hand towel, conditioner, and newspaper. Read more information about similar hotel Country Inn Sattal visit at


Best Way to Travel from Delhi to Nainital

Nainital is situated at a distance of 317 km from Delhi. A popular holiday destination of Uttrakhand, Nainital is well connected to Delhi by road and train. However, the best way to reach Nainital from Delhi is by road, a journey of about 6 hours 20 minutes by car. The places covered during the journey from Delhi to Nainital are Delhi – 24 km Ghaziabad – 40 km – Babugarh – 49 km – Gajraula – 56 km – Moradabad – 23 km – Rampur – 40 km -Rudrapur – 25 km – Lalkuan – 21 km -Kathgodam – 17 km – Bhimtal – 10 km -Bhowali – 12 km – Nainital. On the way, there are several ATMs and hospitals. Rest stops, dhabas and restaurants such as Caf? Coffee Day is present on the route. Petrol pumps of Indian Oil and Bharat Petroleum (BP), among others, are also available at regular intervals. Delhi Sightseeing Tour by Car

Transport options from Delhi to Nainital

Transport options from Delhi to Nainital

Transport options from Delhi to Nainital

Delhi to Nainital by Car: Hire a cab or rent a car to drive down to Nainital, which takes about 6 hours 20 minutes. This mode is ideal for group travel or for families with senior citizens and kids. Approximate cost of cab per kilometer is about INR 8 to 14 depending upon the type of car hired. Read more India holiday packages options on

Delhi To Nainital (232Km)

Mumbai To Nainital (1342Km)

Kolkata To Nainital (1171Km)

Lucknow To Nainital (319Km)

Pune To Nainital (1336Km)

Chandigarh To Nainital (296Km)

Jaipur To Nainital (453Km)

Ahmedabad To Nainital (986Km)

Nainital weather

Nainital weather

Best Season / Best Time to Visit Nainital

Nainital, known as the Lake District of Uttarakhand, is situated at a height of 2084 meters. It is one among most prominent slope stations North India that encounters overwhelming activity of travelers. The atmosphere in Nainital is impacted to a great extent by the encompassing Himalayan Ranges. Nainital appreciates a cool and lovely atmosphere all as the year progressed. The normal greatest temperature that has been recorded is 25° Celsius and the normal least is 3° Celsius. Summer in Nainital starts in April and it keeps going till June. The most extreme temperature that has been recorded amid summer is 28° Celsius and the base is 10° Celsius. The lovely atmosphere in summer with salubrious winds is perfect for touring and open air exercises. An unhindered perspective of Himalayan reaches is conceivable because of clear climate. Light cotton garments and light woolen garments can be conveyed while going by Nainital amid summer. Dalhousie Dharamshala Amritsar Tour

Rainstorm in Nainital starts in July and it keeps going through September. Nainital encounters direct to substantial downpours amid storm. The greatest temperature amid storm months in Nainital is 18° Celsius and the base is 10° Celsius. Winter in Nainital starts from November and it remains till mid-March. Mid – December to mid-February are the coldest months in Nainital. The greatest temperature that has been recorded amid winter is 14° Celsius and the base is 2° Celsius. The temperature can even touch below zero levels in January evenings. Overwhelming woolen garments and warm garments ought to be conveyed while going to Nainital amid winter. The best season to visit Nainital is February to November when the atmosphere is taking care of business.

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