14 Days Tour plan in Gujarat, Divine Blessings of the Holy Land, Spiritual Gujarat

Spiritual Gujarat

Spiritual Gujarat- Divine blessings of the holy land, Spiritual Gujarat

A land with many reasons to enjoy yourself, a land with unparalleled spirit, at all times on the run; this land of Western India is named Gujarat. Very traditional in its heritages site yet one of the most forward cultures of the country, Gujarat has left many a things behind schedule. But down the memory lane, we understand that old Culture and traditions are still running in its veins. Book here Gujarat Tour Packages at lowest price at swantour.com its a leading travel agents in India since 1995.

Gujarat Wilds Tour

Tribes & Wilds from the Spiritual land of Mahatma Gandhi – Gujarat

Gujarat Wilds Tour

Day 1: Ahmedabad to Balasinor

Arrival at Ahmedabad, Pickup and depart for Garden Palace from Ahmedabad, check in to hotel, fresh en up, relax and in the noon depart for Raiyoli Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Site & Balasinor Town Walk Through The Market Place – A prehistoric 65 million years old Dinosaur excavation site considered to be one of the third largest sites in the world, this place is a unique experience. Fossilized bones and eggs were found here. This place was a hatchery as well as a graveyard – a one of its kind site. Raiyoli is being developed as a Jurassic Park having an interpretation centre. Return to resort and night halt in Balasinor Garden Palace. Book Here Dwarka Somnath Tour at lowest price to Enjoy Divine Blessings of the Holy Land, Spiritual Gujarat.

Balasinor to Chhota Udepur

Day 2: Balasinor to Chhota Udepur

Early morning after breakfast depart for Chhota Udepur via Champaner – The transition between Hindu and Muslim culture and architecture in the late 15th to early 16th century is documented in the park, particularly the early Islamic and pre-Mughal city that has remained without any change. It was inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2004. After Champaner reach to Kaliniketan Palace, check in to hotel and after fresh en up visit tribal area with local forests, mountains and rivers. The main tribes are the Rathwas, Bhils, Kolis and Naiks. The Rathwas being a martial race and are the major tribe in the area. Feel the culture of local tribes, The main occupation of these tribes is farming, while the Rathwas have created an art form called the Pithora paintings, which they paint using special vegetable dyes and examples of it are evident in different villages. Their pottery work is unique to this area and worth seeing. There are colourful “HAATS” (Tribal fairs), held every day in nearby villages which are the marketing days for the tribal’s. In the evening visit Kusum Vilas palace and Prem Bhavan palace in Chhota udepur, return to palace and night halt in Chhota Udepur.  Click Here and explore with Dwarka Somnath with Diu Tour

Chhota Udepur

Day 3: Chhota Udepur

Early morning after breakfast depart for Chhota Udepur via Ratan Mahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary Spread out over 56 sq km, Ratan mahal-on the Gujarat-Madhya Pradesh border-is the only exclusive sloth bear sanctuary in Gujarat. And sloth bears are just part of the attraction: nature fulfils herself in many other ways; the River Panam criss-crosses beautiful small hamlets on the foothills of this sanctuary covered with lush green and thick woods full of natural goodness. Some of the animals found are sloth bears, panthers, large-size monkeys, jackals, antelopes and hyenas, besides other numerous jungle cats, foxes, honey badgers, hare, porcupines and reptiles. Over 120 different varieties of birds can also be spotted. Depart for Chhota Udepur and Night halt in Kaliniketan palace.


Day 4: Chhota Udepur to Saputara

Early morning after breakfast depart for Saputara, Check in to hotel, freshen up and visit GANDHI SHIKHAR, Saputara Tribal Museum, Honey Bee centre and in the evening free time for boating in Lake and Boating Club. Return to hotel and night halt in Saputara.

Dang Saputara

Day 5: Saputara – Dang – Saputara

Early morning after breakfast depart for Dang, Engage into any of these routine activities: Milking cattle, Breaking shell of the paddy by traditional way, making floor using chakki (a pair of cylindrical stone), Dung Flooring, Bamboo art work, Chopping wood, etc. See the tools of traditional hunting (the tribes have stopped hunting now since they have started realizing the importance of showcasing wildlife in natural habitat as a tool for generating income. Participate in preparation of authentic organic dinner with tribes (learn insights of making food in traditional way). Return to Saputara and Night halt in Saputara.

laxmi_vilas_palace Vadodara

Day 6: Saputara – Dang – Vadodara

Early morning after breakfast depart for Baroda via Dang, in dang we will take walk to Forest Trek – Tribes will showcase forest resources used for their living, Plant a Tree or Water to the plantation done for conserving the forest and get chance to see the wildlife into the natural habitat. Realize the importance of Sustainable living by going through the living habits of tribes – Use of Fish Tank (to avoid mosquitoes), The Organic way of Preserving Grains, Organic Farming Techniques, Conditions in Wedding, etc. In the noon depart for Baroda (288km driving), Night halt in Vadodara. Click Here and Book Best of Gujarat Tour, It is a destination that should not be missed by an aficionado of culture and art.

velavadar national park

Day 7: Vadodara – Lothal – Velavadar

Early morning after breakfast depart for Velavadar, via Lothal – it is one of the most important sites of the Harappan or Indus Valley Civilisation excavated in India. The site and the museum offers an interesting insight into the town planning, industries and trade of Lothal when it was at its peak from 2400-1600 BC. The museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm except Fridays. After Lothal sightseeing depart for Velavadar, check in to hotel fresh en up and after dinner night halt in Velavadar.

Gir Forest

Day 8: Velavadar – Gir Forest

Early morning after breakfast visit Velavadar National Park for blackbuck safari, which has India’s largest population of Blackbuck, the elegant Indian antelope. One of the fastest mammals in the world, the Blackbuck is capable of achieving high speeds when leaping over the plains of Velavadar. India’s largest antelope, the Nilgai or Blue Bull, is easily seen in this national park. We can hope to see the endangered Indian Grey Wolf, the nocturnal Striped Hyena, Indian Fox, Golden Jackal, Jungle Cat and many small mammals like hare, gerbil, field mice, mongoose and hedgehog. After safari depart for Sasan Gir (235km Driving), Check in to hotel, fresh en up and night halt in Gir. Click Here and Book Gir Diu Tour – Beach Town. Gir – Wildlife Sanctuary for Lion’s. Porbandar – Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Place

Gir Forest Gujarat

Day 9: Gir Forest

Early morning after breakfast depart for LION SAFARI in Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary which is famous for Asiatic lions and it comprises 1412 sq km of deciduous forest interspersed with semi-evergreen and evergreen flora, acacia, scrub jungle, grasslands and rocky hills. Fed by perennial and seasonal rivers and streams, the sanctuary has large water bodies like the Kamleshwar Dam that are good for crocodiles and birds. In the evening return to resort and free time for bird watching in Resort. Night halt in Gir.

Sasan Gir

Day 10: Sasan Gir – Jamnagar

Early morning after breakfast depart for Jamnagar, Check into the hotel and refresh after lunch by 3: 30 in the noon, depart for the Khijadiya bird sanctuary where you can find storks, ducks, and many migratory birds till sunset, return to hotel and night halt in Jamnagar. Click Here and book Wildlife Tour Packages in India, India Adventure & Wildlife Tour Packages (Enjoy Tiger Land & Bird watching) India Wildlife Tour and book India Holiday packages at lowest price with Swantour.com

Bird lake Lakhota Jamnagar

Day 11: Jamnagar

Early morning after breakfast, visit salt pan areas and port area where we can find greater and lesser flamingos. At 10:30 AM high tide is scheduled so after an early lunch start at 1 reach Narara by 2:30 PM. Start the coral walk on the beach. we may see the Sting ray, crabs, octopus, puffer’s sea anemones, dolphins if you are lucky.


Day 12: Jamnagar – Nakhatrana

Early morning after breakfast depart for Nakhatrana, Reach nakhatrana by lunch time take rest and after noon we will depart for Nakhatrana wild life sanctuary in Kutch. The rare ecosystem with mix of desert, beaches hills and grass land has a lot of variety to offer. You can find stripped hyenas, desert fox, porcupines, Indian civet, Indian pangolin, variety of reptiles, venomous and non-venomous reptiles and monitor lizard and star tortoise. Chinkaras can also be found here return to resort and night halt in Nakhatrana. Click Here and Book Gujarat Heritage Tour,its a special slide show and guided tour are available. During the walk the guide explains the historical background and important of the heritage places covered it.


Day 13: Nakhatrana

Early morning at 5: 30 AM before breakfast visit Nalia for Varieties of unique birds like the Great Indian bustard are found in this region. Look around for the Black and Gray Francolin, the Spotted and Indian Sangrouse, Quails, Larks, Shrikes, Coursers and Plovers. you can also see flocks of Indian Gazelle and wolfs spotting the entire landscape, while a drive around the sanctuary will acquaint you to the friendly nilgais. After an extensive flash of various mammals and reptiles, return to resort by 10 AM, take breakfast and rest for the day. Night halt in Nakhatrana.

White Rann Resort - Rann Utsav

Day 14: Nakhatrana – Dhordo

Early morning after breakfast depart for Dhordo, check in to resort fresh en up and after lunch visit white desert, Banni Region – which amidst the Desert land of infinite dimensions, are suspended, quaint little villages. These are the last villages on the India-Pakistan border. Here you will come across master craft people’ exposing their traditional art, turning out master pieces every day. Their ornaments, clothes, utensils, everything they use – will make you feel as if you have stepped into lifestyle museum leaving you spellbound. Khavda – a Small village, One can visit to Khatrivas to see artisans printing & selling Ajrakh. The town also has skilled Leather Craftsmen and there are some shops retailing local crafts, including Leather Slippers. In the evening return to resort and Night halt in Dhordo. Click here and Book Rann Utsav Gujarat, Discover Kutchi, Gujarati Style Utsav Under White Rann . Rann Utsav is an incredible festival of Kutch, Gujarat, India. It is a Celebration of Music, Dance, nature with swantour.com it’s a leading tour operators in India since 1995.

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