North East India

A Trip to North East India – A Glimpse of Meghalaya and Assam

Meghalaya and Assam tours

A Trip Down North East – A Glimpse of Meghalaya and Assam

Having as of now went to probably the most frequented holiday hot-spots, the time was on the whole correct to make a beeline for a fairly less frequented/unique destination for a family excursion. It’s at all times great to spend some quality time with your family and break free from the noise and hustle-clamor of our everyday city life.

To choose a destination that would make for an ideal vacation, as usual, I took to the internet and after hours of research, I reached the conclusion that Assam and Meghalaya was the place to be. Amid my investigation, I discovered destinations like Spiti Valley, Arunachal Pradesh and Lakshwadeep to give some examples, however couple of imperative elements, for example, the climate, security, time of travel; accommodation facilities persuaded me that it was best to make a beeline for Shillong-Cherapunjee-Mawlynnong Kaziranga for 8 day trip. In this post, I share my great experience to you. Read more information about Shillong Tawang Tour Package

Shillong in a snapshot

Shillong in a snapshot

Our first holiday destination, Shillong – the capital of Meghalaya, otherwise called ‘Scotland of the East’ is one of India’s most pleasant slope station urban areas. Shillong’s elaborate trees, winding roads, lakes and endless churches sum up the explorers delight.

Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Cultures

Amid our time there, we went to the following 

Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Cultures – An efficient and neat place, of well laid out displays you can spend a whole day in the gallery if thinking about various societies of the 7 Northeastern states intrigues you. The sky walk on the top of the museum offers some stunning perspectives of Shillong.

Shillong peak

Shillong peak – If you wish to see the spread of the city of Shillong then this is the place to be. Situated around 8 to 10 Kms from Shillong while in transit to Cherrapunjee, Shillong top offers some incredible perspectives of the city and even the Himalayan range if the sky is clear. get here information about North East Honeymoon Packages

Cathedral Catholic Church

Cathedral Catholic Church – An exceptionally Nice and delightful church, situated in the center point of town, it is an astounding spot to invest some time meditating.

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls – Located between lush greenery, this water fall is an extremely prevalent vacation destination. However remember, there are great deals of stairs to get to the base of the fall, so it’s not advisable for people who can’t make an excessive too much ground climbing.

Shillong green – This is one of the finest 18 hole Golf course that our British rulers made when in India. Situated in the midst of colossal pine trees, the lavish green fairway is marvelous to awesome to look at. Shillong kaziranga Tour Package

Travel Tips:

Travel Tips:

Take a stab at entering & exiting the city amid non-crest hours to avoid traffic on the serpentine roads, in spite of a hard-core meat eating state, vegan sustenance is effectively available across the city, so there’s nothing to stress over. Attempt the street side rarities like steaming hot momos, chowmein and an assortment of egg preparations. Attempt the local fruit wine. They are awesome buys.



An hour’s drive from Shillong is the thing that it took us to get to Cherapunjee. The wettest place on the planet and home to a portion of the most noteworthy waterfalls and the world popular living root spans, one can encounter the Indian form of thick tropical forests here.

To spice up the trip, we chose to trek to the living double root bridges – one of the fondest recollections of my outing to Meghalaya. Regardless of being an overwhelming trek including more than 3000 stages and a 3-4 kms walk, the site is thrilling and essentially justified regardless of the long trek. A plunge in the natural pools in way was very refreshing & kept us going.

The best part about visiting to such places is that it conveys us such a great amount of nearer to nature and helps us encounter it in all its pollution free quality. Also find here best packages at Shillong Cherrapunji Tour

Travel Tips

Travel Tips:

Have a go at beginning the trek as ahead of schedule as conceivable in light of the fact that the trek is very requesting and it tends to get dim very early.

Convey some fast energy food, (A chocolate, and energy drink) to keep you invigorated, mosquito repellent cream and an additional match of garments (if planning to have a dip/swim in the natural pools)

People with any kind of disability or heart condition ought not endeavor the trek.



The following leg of our journey took us for a day trek to Mawlynnong. Situated between Shillong and Cherapunjee, Mawlynnong is viewed as the cleanest town of Asia. Regardless of being a little town concealed in a corner in Meghalaya, the villagers guarantee that their condition is spotless and their method for living is manageable to nature. It is intriguing how they keep up such a great amount of cleanliness in their general vicinity without having prepared access to most fundamental luxuries. A visit to this town is truly inspirational. Best of Sikkim Tour

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

And finally, we made a beeline for the keep going spot us planning visiting to – Kaziranga National Park. Home to the considerable One-Horned Rhino, tigers and wild elephants – Kaziranga is a thickly populated national stop and you’ll frequently hear visitors calling it the African safari of India.

We were sufficiently fortunate to have a phenomenal guide on each of our safaris (both elephant and jeep) as the animal referring to encounter depends a great deal on your guide who likewise is your driver. Amid our safari, we spotted numerous rhinos, a tiger, and an extensive variety of birds and animals, overwhelm deer, wild buffaloes, elephants and a few reptiles. Also find here more information about Kaziranga National Park Tour

kaziranga Travel Tips

Also, the sight of the elephant herd crossing the river was breath taking.

Travel Tips:

Book the elephant safari ahead of time extraordinarily amid the pinnacle season as the best slots to spot wildlife run out quickly.

Take a stab at doing the elephant safari more than once since it is the most ideal way to get a close look of the one horned rhino, a species that’s hard to come by.

This national park is a picture photographer heaven, so ensure you have your camera with you. The landscape during sunrise & sunset is jaw dropping – another scene for you to capture.

That brings us to an end of my trek down north east. In the event that you have an ordeal to impart to us, don’t hesitate to give us a yell in the remarks underneath. Travel to Eastern India with its a leading travel agents in India, They are provides customized packages your tour to North East India Tour Packages the way you want.

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