Second coldest place on the world, Kargil

Coldest Place on The World

Second Coldest Place on The World

Dras (Shina: , Humas دراس)

Dras is coldest place of the world, there Life is not easy, if you daring than challenging meadow for you. Challenging Destination for this mid-year for you, Dras, where in winter trees and fowls are cold and people quit any desires for surviving – it is Dras.

Dras is a town in the Kargil (disambiguation) District of Jammu and Kashmir, It`s additionally called ‘The Gateway to Ladakh. The town came into light after invasion with Pakistan armed force in 1999. Pakistan’s armed force captured surrounding area of Dras. At the point when war finished, Indian armed force recovered range.

Dras is the second coldest place on the world and its secured Dras with thick sheet of snow for six months of winter. Our Breaths are solidified due to Chilly breezes. Surviving is difficult there. Life is loved here sitting tight just for the warm summer months. Important wellspring of supply is Srinagar. Be that as it may, it`s cut off for six months or more in winter. It is good thing than connectivity with Kargil stays amid winter.

Life style of Dras Peoples

Life style of Dras Peoples

Life in brutal winter is exceptionally extreme. In winter, on account of heavy snowfall, most of the peoples spend their time inside their homes. Water is the essential need to survive, yet it solidifies here in winter. Despite the fact that spring water does not solidify, it is not accessible all over the place. In winter for water people of Dras are subject to water tankers, which are provided by Public Works Department. In the event that because of overwhelming snow tankers don’t contact them, then local people need to soften ice for drinking and other local reason.

At the point when in need frozen water of river is likewise utilized by residents of Dras. They gather waterway water by making hole on the surface of the river. River water is then gathered and transported on horses and donkeys to their homes.

Local Foods of Dras Peoples

Local Foods of Dras Peoples

Fresh vegetables are uncommon here in winter, so people groups of Dras devour lentil and dried sustenance. They store these amid summer. Grain is the chief grain of Dras’ kin. They make chapattis and sattu of grain flour. Dad is nearby dish, which is made of grain flour or sattu. They eat dad with lamb and margarine oil. It is extremely nutritious and helps local people to confront the cruel winter. They lean toward yak substance since it is less expensive than goat and sheep. The amount of meat put away amid summer relies on upon the extent of the family. All these make living extremely costly in Dras.

Houses of Dras Peoples

Houses of Dras Peoples

Houses in Dras are by and normally made of mud and stones. To keep housetops warm people groups cover it well with dry feed. It keeps housetop warm up to some degree. Each house has a LPG association yet people groups additionally make neighborhood chullah with mud. This neighborhood chullah/stove warm their sustenance’s and furthermore keeps the houses and they warm. Bhukari is a portable radiator, and each house has bhukaries. Bhukari is a sort of stove that warms and warms rooms. Customarily coal wood or sawdust is utilized as a part of it. Lamp fuel and LPG based bhukharies are additionally accessible.

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