Explore Things to do in Leh and Ladakh

Things to Do in Leh and Ladakh

Discover to the Leh and Ladakh’s beautiful scapes offer some interesting and unique Travelling  options for those looking for vacation, reaching from the adventurous to the offbeat. You can get stargazing, recording the scenery and tones with your camera. Adventure lovers can have a flourishing time by hitting a bike ride to Khardung La, rafting the Zanska River or dragging the moving Stok Kangri. Many volunteering opportunities are also available to those who have free time and want to contribute to the cause of not only custody but also social abolition by contributing to the development efforts in the region. Camelsafari in Hunder’s sand dunes is another surreal experience, ideal for a family trip. This entire if you can take a break from knocking on the bigger than the life landscapes here!

Here is a list of some of the best things to do in Leh Ladakh.

1. Things to do, Ladak – Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh is located on the border of Tibet, and is geographically and culturally unlike any other area of ​​India. A robust and dry high-temperature desert, between the mighty Karakoram and the Great Himalayas

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2. ADVENTURE, LADAKH – Khardung La: Come along

Relive the magic of the Zijdenroute while driving on one of the highest lanes in the world – Khardung La – and know what’s alive, really feel.

3. SIGHTSEEING, LADAKH – Pull to Stang Kangri

Stack Kangri is the highest mountain peak in the Himalayan Stok area. At 20,500 feet it is also the highest pull-top in India. It has always been a great lure for tractors from all over the world .

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4. Things to do, LADAKH – Volunteering in Leh and Ladakh

Volunteering is perhaps the most perfect form of travel with a purpose. If you want a tool for locals on a trip to Leh-Ladakh, volunteer work may be the only thing you are looking there.

Bikes in Leh and Ladakh

5. ADVENTURES, LADAKH – Bikes in Leh and Ladakh

This is for the more fiery adventurers. Leh Ladakh offers one of the heaviest areas and the most attractive landscapes in the world, making it perfect for bicycle performances.

Photography in Leh and Ladakh

6.Things to do, LADAKH – Photography in Leh and Ladakh

Leh and Ladakh are so many lovers of photographers that your hordes will see from them, pulling into high altitude zones, dragging their bulky camera equipment with them.

Camel Safari at Dogs

7. Things to do, Ladak – Camel Safari

Hoping for a ride on the Bactric camels and exploring the sand dunes at Hunder is another must do in Ladakh. These camels are one of the few memories of the Silk Route days when Hunder was an important business port.

Rafting in Zanskar

8. ADVENTURE, JAMMU AND KASHMIR – Rafting in Zanskar

Rafting in Zanskar River is known for a new height for adventure enthusiasts in India. Unlike Graaf 3 and Graaf 4 river rapids, you can raft through the Zanskar Canyon or the Grand Canyon or Asia. Zanskar .

LADAKH Chadar Trek


Essentially, Chadar trek was traditionally embark on by individuals of Zanskar in the winters to reach Leh. Due to thrilling cold, waters of the Zanskar River freezes in winter enabling people to walk over it. This gorge of th…more

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