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Explore 7 Adventures Expedition in Dubai

Adventures Expedition in Dubai

7 Adventures Expedition in Dubai

Dubai, as most of us know, is a sophisticated modern metropolis that enjoys its visitors with ultra-luxurious hotels, luxury eateries, world-class shopping and towering skyscrapers. But did you know that this glossy and high tech city can also give you a heavy dose of fun and adventure? From the skydiving to the desert safaris, Dubai is truly a lucky adventure playground that will lift your mind with a great variety of exciting outdoor adventures. Here are some outdoor adventures you should try while visiting the “City of Gold”.



Skydiving is, as far as I’m concerned, really the ultimate open-air thrill in Dubai. After all, it’s a heart pumping airplane that lets you jump an airplane and land over 12,000 feet – of course also licensed turtle instructor. Not only will you give a backbone escapade, but also give you an awesome view of Dubai’s bird’s eye view and the beautiful coastline. In fact, it will provide a panoramic view of the man-made paradise of Palm Jumeirah, as well as the other famous sights of the city, including the World Island and Burj El Arab.

Climb Oman's Mighty Hajar Mountains

Climb Oman’s Mighty Hajar Mountains

Climbing, as a pastime, has been steadily flourishing in the UAE, with new trekking discovered and existing developed by a small crew of enthusiastic climbers and adventurous tour operators. The Hajar Mountains, one of the most popular climbing destinations in the region, have turbine limestone with a wide variety of challenges for adrenaline junkies, from short climbs to highly challenging 3,000 footsteps to high summits. With an impressive height of 10,000 feet, these mighty mountains indeed offer a rather heavy challenge, even for seasoned tractors and mountaineers.


Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Adventurous and dedicated mountain bikers will certainly find their happiness in Oman’s Hajar Mountains, which offers an incredible bike path. With steep climbing and rugged terrain, these cycling trails offer an irresistible and tasty challenge for experienced riders and extreme adventurers. Plus, the trails are home to an abundance of wildlife, including mountain goats, wild donkeys, snakes and lizards – making your cycling trips even more challenging and exciting.


Want to experience something cool and unique in Dubai? Then you come to the beautiful desert, and enjoy an unforgettable adrenaline rush sanding on its dunes. More than just exciting diversion, sand boards in Dubai, you will also enjoy the beautiful sights of the UAE’s vibrant and vast desert landscapes.

 Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

The Arabian coast has a cluster of arenas where you can experience a miraculous sea kayak trip, including areas of the wetland that resemble the glorious desert climate of the region. On the east coast, kayakers can explore the Khor Klaba, a 1500-acre protected mangrove forest, exploring the home of important local animals such as the Socotra cormorants and white kings. Plus, on the west coast, you can also explore the beautiful al Quwain and Abu Dhabi mangroves, where some turtles and friendly flamingos can meet and greet you.

Dubai desert camel ride

Desert Safari of Dune Bashing

Fund of road trips? Trust me; Dubai’s desert safari is unlike a road trip you’ve ever been before. With this road adventure you will have an electrifying, dune-climbing ride and a stomach-winding ride over the high sand dunes of the desert. As an additional bonus, you take this road trip to a strategic lookout point where you can watch a beautiful sunset. The trip will end with a dinner barbecue buffet with traditional music and belly dance performances to make your experience even more delicious.

Water ski in Dubai

Kite Surfing or Wakeboarding

Prime hotels and residences occupy most of Dubai’s city coast, which means that much of it is in private finds. Fortunately, however, water sports enthusiasts can still have an explosion thanks to Umm Suqiem – an accessible, scenic area of ​​beautiful villas shaded by the remarkable sail-shaped Burj Arabian hotel. In recent years, this charming enclave has become a favorite place for wakeboarding and kite- surfing aficionados

Honeymoon in Dubai

Enjoy Dubai Honeymoon Adventures Vacation

The wedding vows have been exchanged and the wedding presents have been opened; now it’s time to start your new life with your soul mate. So why not marital bliss gives a brilliant kick start with a wonderful honeymoon in an oasis of luxury called Dubai. This glorious city is the perfect place for young couples who want to experience the very best in all respects. Our Dubai honeymoon packages are perfectly designed to offer the same to all lovers of duo in a sublime destination. With our honeymoon packages for Dubai tours and tours you can enjoy long walks on impeccable sunny beaches and clicks to the door.

Honeymoon in Dubai

The tallest structure in the world – the Burj Khalifa, Surprise your partner by organizing a candle light dinner and ignite your passion in the warm landscape of this metropolis. Enjoy some fun moments on a romantic cruise ship ride in the evening and relax a lilac treat on board the wooden liner that will restore love under the dreamy settings of starlight. Look at the stunning skylights at Dubai’s skyline at night and watch their glittering reflection in the beautiful water of the creek. Embrace your love in this loving deaf atmosphere and surrender to the sensual enjoyment of this memorable journey.

Honeymoon in Dubai

A honeymoon in Dubai is incomplete if you cannot spend a day in real Arabic style. So start the exciting desert safari tour and enjoy a date with the sand dunes of this mega city. Roll over the mountainous mountains and prepare some delicious dishes along with a dose of Shisha to get the true feel of the Middle East. Further improvement of your experience is a belly dance show that you keep in town for years. Plus, there is much more to explore in the city such as skiing, aquarium and ice rink at the Dubai Mall, the famous Burj Al Arab building, the great Al Fahidi Fort, the beautiful Dubai Museum and the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque. And who can forget about shopping? Get as many Gucci and Prada items as you like here and if you’re looking for gold items, you’ll be in the right place. So, together with your wedding pants, take your wedding subjects and go to Dubai for a wonderful vacation.

Luxury Dubai Honeymoon

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