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The Indian market is interesting, but it’s BRICS colleagues in the premium travel segment, which is being overshadowed by a sincere desire to make tailor made luxury travel experience

Travel Insight Vacations and Signature Creative Travel Tours has introduced Luxury Gold Worldwide plans (wealthy individuals) HNIs in India. John Boulding, President. Director of Insight Vacations, reports to BW Business World about cooperation with Rajeev Kohli, Joint CEO of Signature Tours, the new luxury product and plans for expansion.
The rise of “experience-hungry” travelers drive outbound travel industry premium in India.

The Indian market, varyingly interesting, even the BRICS counterparts in the premium travel segment, which is animated by a sincere desire to experience where tailored luxury travel experiences. To meet this growing luxury travel market in India is expected to grow with CAGR of 12.8 percent. Over the next decade, the Delhi-based Creative Travel Sound collaboration with Insight Vacations offers some of the most beautiful travel experiences. The collaboration offers Luxury Gold Journeys an exceptional value for the luxury travel segment for Indians who want to travel in elegance and style while enjoying the authentic, locally guided experiences.

Luxury Gold has the first class nature of the Indian market and features 38 expert-assisted travel, delivering five star elegance and incredible VIP experiences throughout Europe, North and South America, India, Southeast Asia and Australasia.

Laying luxury product, Kohli said, “What we cure is really, experience led, really inspired travel for the traveler. For a long time the journey has been a rather inexperienced experience for the Indians. With the expertise of Signature Tours and signature experiences From Insight Vacations, we bring in a first class quality, niche product that gives our ethos and provides an exclusive experience for the guest. ”

Gold travel plans luxury style are heritage trails, dinner diners, a fascinating meet and greet with the choreographer at La Nouvelle Eve, and more.

Fragments from the interview:

Tell us about the cooperation between Insight Vacations and Creative Travel?

Creative Travel Sound is our core dealer in India, which deals with our incoming program. We have entered into a partnership agreement. We have changed the way we run our products today. We have been selling in India for 30 years and transported thousands of Indians to Europe. Being a premium operator, this product is designed with regard to affordable prices for Indian travelers.

What is luxury travel, and how did it develop?

Luxurious trips have intimate experiences, personal services, gourmet meals and beautiful surroundings. It has now been developed as a result of consumer concern. With higher disposable income, higher comfort in a list of needs, and many of our previous guests are demanding customers who want “the best value for money”, unforgettable travel moments and the opportunity to meet interesting people while on vacation .

What are your plans for 2017?

Apart from this value, the journey will add more destinations such as Iceland, North America, the Black Sea, South America, Peru, Costa Rica, Indian subcontinent, Indo-China, Australia and New Zealand.

What are the best destinations for 2017?

Turkey was and will be big. Other places such as Egypt, Scandinavia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Iberia, Portugal and Spain will go well because of their connection, culture and cuisine.

What are your expectations from India?

Our songs are not great from India, but they grow. 2017 saw a dive in arrivals, but 2018 looks good. From our perspective, because we launched the program six years ago, it has grown so far that there is more than 20 percent growth per year.

The wish for premium vacation immersed in light of the slow economy?

Luxury Travel has a big comeback of decline in recent years. Our high quality products are not that expensive. We offer luxury at a great rate of about $ 500 a day. Guests can enjoy a number of small group tournaments, guaranteed to all preferences and meet travel dreams. If you find more information or tour packages in India visit here at its a leading travel agents in India.

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