Rich Packaging Tips for the India Monsoon Season


Monsoons can be the best time to travel in many parts of India. In India, monsoons usually last from June to September ending in most parts of the country. This is when landscapes on their greenest and freshest roads are at their cleanest and when the weather is at its most pleasant temperature. With the end of the summer vacation in Indian schools, tourist attractions are less crowded and good bargains can be found while traveling

However, it may be very annoying if you do not have the right things when you travel during the moesson. Here is a list of things to be packed during the monsoon: Also Visit: Kerala Tour Packages


Bag: Wear a lightweight waterproof bag to keep your things dry. It is also wise to purchase a plastic case for your phone, wallet and passport and ensure that the electronic goods are safely stored in your bag.

Clothes: Wear light cotton clothes or comfortable, partially synthetic clothing that can dry quickly when you get wet. Shorts or three-quarters pants are always better than full-length clothes, which are usually reduced in plasma or by splash. Avoid light colors that are sensitive to being colored. A jacket is a must-have item, especially if you plan to walk outside or walk a lot. A windscreen is useful for keeping you warm during the rain, one without lining is better than one because most parts of India are quite hot when it stops raining. If you plan to go to a hill station which is cooler and where it rains heavily, a warm lining jacket would also be useful. Also Visit: Kerala Holiday Package


Umbrella: In general, to walk only around towns, an umbrella just works well to keep you relatively dry. Convenient folding umbrellas are easy to carry and do not take up much space. Umbrellas are quite cheap in India and it is best to buy one when you get there.

Shoes: Closed waterproof shoes are essential to keep your feet clean. High boots or even gum boots are good, but it can wear it warm. Avoid wearing open rubber slippers or sandals that only make your feet dirty. Wearing sneakers or canvas shoes is also a bad idea because they take a long time when they get wet.

Mosquito Repellant or Nets: The moesson draws a lot of mosquitoes and it’s best to prevent you being bitten, so you do not get sick. Mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever are very dangerous, especially during the monsoon. It is therefore important to protect mosquitoes using tropical antipyretic agents. If you can easily prepare, mosquitoes are also worth while sleeping.

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Food and water: Food tends to rinse easily or get wet in the monsons, so it is worth to wear small, air tight containers for packing food. Water may also be infected this season, and it is safest to buy packaged water available throughout India. Also Visit: Holiday Packages in India

Mats or newspapers: If you plan to picnic during the road, it is useful to wear dry mats or plastic sheets to spread on wet surfaces. These can also be useful if you wait long for waiting or bus stations.

Sunblock: You can still make sunburn, so make sure you use sunscreen, even when it’s raining.

This is a list of things that are useful for traveling during the monsoon, but of course you can also have a wide range of other basic requirements that you need to handle. More tips on what you can pack on this package for the Indian Monsoon Season thread during the monsoon.


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