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10 Reasons To Place Dubai On Your Bucket List

The king of almost everything which is the longest, greatest, greatest, highest and most expensive; Dubai is a destination with everything a traveler wishes. For millions and millions of people, Dubai is one of their favorite destinations. But there are still many that have not yet visited this beautiful Middle East city. If you’re one, read why Dubai should be on your bucket list and what’s missing you all by not visiting this amazing city.

One Of The Most Beautiful Skylines Of The World

  1. One Of The Most Beautiful Skylines Of The World

Do not believe it? Visit and see for yourself. Dubai is satisfactorily filled with skyscrapers, but they are so beautifully designed that an Ariel view of the city can leave you. Despite being the tallest building on earth and more than 4 of the highest in the world, the skyline of Dubai is beautifully segregated without messing up. Whatever time you see this amazing horizon, you are definitely surprised at the view for you.

City With The Most Amazing Human-Made Structures Of The World

City With The Most Amazing Human-Made Structures Of The World

  1. City With The Most Amazing Human-Made Structures Of The World

Dubai is the perfect place to see which miracles a small percentage of the brain that can make humanity use. Over half of the structures will drop your jaws, as if the engineers try to make it impossible and unimaginable. Whether it’s the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa, the palm island, the largest shopping mall or the mansion with over 45 million flowers regulated in the life of structures, Dubai’s engineering wonders never let you know Of your mind

Defines the word 'cosmopolitan


  1. Defines the word ‘cosmopolitan’

What else should you understand next to the fact that the total population of Dubai residents is only 15%. The rest 85% are expats from different countries. People from all races, closets, religions and walks of life can be seen in Dubai in peace and harmony. It is the rarest of rare places on earth where people with such diversity live with almost zero community violence and community tension.

Each Bites A Piece Of Paradise

  1. Eat, Eat, Eat, Everywhere … And Each Bites A Piece Of Paradise

A foodie’s heaven, Dubai is famous for practically serving every nation’s kitchen on the plate. If you can eat, Dubai can serve it for you. A heaven for non-vegetarians who enjoy a duck for exclusive Camel meat, it also has incredibly good opportunities for vegetarians and vegans as well. Due to the heavy population of expats, Dubai offers numerous restaurants serving dishes from different countries, such as Japanese, Lebanese, Indian, Arabic, Italian, to name just a few.

The Safest City On Earth

The Safest City On Earth

  1. The Safest City On Earth

No, no, here is no exaggeration. Dubai is considered to be the safest place on earth with zero crime and a super watchful police. This is not a common feat given that it is the tourist hub and is visited annually by millions of tourists from different parts of the world. In the world where people are afraid to go out alone in the most urbanized cities, Dubai has a fairy tale of women who travel even without the hint of fear even in the middle of the night. The credit must also be shared by the honest residents of Dubai, who regret that they return their valid owners millions of money after they have been lost. The feeling of being the safest in the world is an experience per se. Now, who would not like to visit such a place?

A Place That Anyone Can Change In A Shop Lane

A Place That Anyone Can Change In A Shop Lane

  1. A Place That Anyone Can Change In A Shop Lane

It’s not a joke to offer almost every successful brand under the umbrella of its world-class shopping centers. Everything from fashion to detail and all other possible areas under the sun, Dubai offers them for a price. From Dubai’s world-renowned shopping area to the abundance of shopping centers that can make your knees weak and burn a big hole in your pocket, Dubai promises to shop without even knowing. And if that was not enough, it built the largest shopping mall in the world – the Mall of Dubai, which gives you every reason to shop to you.


It Is The City Of World Records

It Is The City Of World Records

  1. It Is The City Of World Records

Seriously, naming Dubai as the official city of the best world records will not be a hyperbola. To begin with, the Burj Khalifa has the tallest building around the world. The 144th floor of the observation deck cannot be described in words and there is no trip to Dubai complete without it being seen. The largest shopping mall of the world – the Dubai Mall that exceeds the annual footfall, is one of the total number of people visiting the New York City. The palm islands – the world’s largest man-made island, visible even from space, the wonder garden, and even the display of Dubai fireworks holds the undefeated world record. It is worth noting that Dubai does not want to stop here. There are many attractions to destroy existing world records through record-wide margins. Phew!!

It's The Best Place To Buy Gold In The World

It’s The Best Place To Buy Gold In The World

  1. It’s The Best Place To Buy Gold In The World

Seriously, if there is a place in the world where you definitely get endless variety, weight, design, quantity and cheap prices of gold metal, it’s in Dubai. The enormity of the golden souk can be demonstrated by the fact that there is always a visible presence of estimated 10 tons of gold at the souk. The souk (market) in the central part of Dubai began in the 1940s and even regulates the heart of the store even today with its glitter and glam.

The Land Of Wealth That Does Not Compromise In Their Luxury

The Land Of Wealth That Does Not Compromise In Their Luxury

  1. The Land Of Wealth That Does Not Compromise In Their Luxury

Why is that a compelling point? If that’s what you think, it’s good to mention that although wealth and prosperity are everywhere, not everybody knows how to do the Arab way. From the most luxurious 7-star hotel in the world to the most affordable homes and cars; The people of Dubai definitely know how to do it. If that does not bother you enough, a cheetah as a pet is one of the most cherished hobbies of the rich Arabs. This is a city where the police move around in Bentley and Mercedes and hotel interiors are made of real gold.


  1. The Best Contrast Of Desert, Water And Ice In The World

It’s only in Dubai where you can experience the spectacular desert safari while you also enjoy extreme water sports like diving, snorkeling, cages dive along with the first covered ski area with real penguins and a 400 meter indoor black job world first). How much to absorb is it? Well, this is Dubai for you. While knowing how best to use whatever it already has, the city also has the power to build what it does not.

Ten points just do not seem enough to introduce the effort this city has made to switch from a Bedouin village to the world’s largest tourist hubs. Unlike the 90’s, when it was known as a rich oil reservoir of the world, Dubai, it today only earns 10% of its income from oil and a very important part of its tourism industry. This is no mean achievement to reach for a conservative Muslim city. The ease of visa formalities such as non-required visa for 33 countries and availability of multiple entries and Dubai transit visas for the rest of the countries has also contributed greatly to attracting visitors from many parts of the world.

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