Kerala Tour Packages With Houseboats

Kerala Tour Packages With Houseboats

Prepare for your stay at the Houseboats in Kerala

Kerala’s glorious backwaters are named the 50 most amazing places to visit in the world, by the National Geographic Traveler. And one of the best ways to enjoy the idyllic views is to plan a stay in one of the Kerala houseboats for a day or two. If your travel package in Kerala includes houseboat accommodation, start by learning more about the different types of available and the facilities offered by each.

Types of houseboats in Kerala

The default type: These may not be exactly preferable if you are looking for an unforgettable vacation. No air conditioning is provided. However, you have standard bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms.

Deluxe Type: These are much more comfortable with air conditioning. In most cases, Kerala travel packages will contain this type of houseboat.

Super Deluxe Type: These are very luxurious. You can use the extensive services with butlers on stand-by and 24-hour air conditioning. The prices are therefore higher.

What to wear for a comfortable stay

You must wear all your personal stuff. Then pack your pillows, blankets, towels and toiletries before going to the boat.

Always wear clothes that dry easily when wet. Do not wear pure cotton stuff. Georgettes are more advisable. Also, wear rubber boots in the hand to get into the water. Wear a plastic bag to grab your wallet and other valuable items, such as your watch.

Never forget to carry your camera because the views just come out of this world.

If you have planned your Kerala tour package for the summer, make sure you bring sunshades, shades, wide brimmed hats and binoculars. Light summer clothing is the best fit. Similarly, during the winter season you need warm clothes and warm stockings.

Other essential items that you should ideally wear include a flashlight, some basic remedies like anti-allergy pills, insect repellents, a first aid kit and some earplugs. The sound of the water can be particularly disturbing during the night for some.

There are no phones in the boats available. So, it’s best to wear your mobile handsets. Some ports also offer free Wi-Fi signals.


The growing popularity of houseboats has also made several types of houseboats. The modest Kettuvellams that once have one or two quarters and have a modest way for kitchen and storage have undergone a huge makeover that retains the old world charm. From three, four, five and top houseboats the options are enough for you to choose. You can rent your own houseboat or use the large upper houseboats for joint joint or family members. Kumarakom houseboats have a large distribution of houseboats with different accommodation facilities to make sure you fit your budget and needs.

Upper Deck Houseboats

Upper Deck Houseboats

The top houseboats have appealed to the taste of the business community. The top decks and the increased number of rooms and free time cruises for a day or two form the perfect atmosphere to combine work and pleasure. You can have your conference meetings and then go to the deck to enjoy your lunch. In fact, the comforter and lunch combination ensures that your subordinates or partners do not disappear after a quick appearance.

The upper houseboats are air conditioned and well-appointed. And you’d be surprised to be even equipped with state of the art gadgets. In addition, you can coordinate with the boat authorities to watch your requirements for audio video presentation, close circuit TV, video conferencing, internet and intercom, and so forth.

As these houseboats meet the needs of the white hooks, the dishes are prepared according to international standards. The food remains predominantly ethnic but can be adjusted depending on your wishes. Safety precautions are well taken care of with a suitable fire extinguisher that is conveniently placed. Fire pumps, liferaft and experienced lifeguards are always available for quick rescue operations in case of an accident.

Unlike traditional houseboats dominating bamboo and coconut ropes, the upper houseboats have carpets that allow residents of the comfort of their houseboat to enjoy the scenic views of the backwaters. The upper houseboat does not endanger the eco value and hence from the septic tank to the generator’s use to turn the A / C on the boat is well-maintained. The bio-septic tank is being investigated and certified by a central research laboratory that is suitable for collecting the fecal disposal and not contaminating the backwaters.



The old houseboats were then called Ketuvellams which transport goods and trucks from one place to another, which act as the first mode of transportation. The disappearing Kettuvellams made a return and called on a crowd of tourists from all over the world. These Kettuvellams are built of jackfruit strains, with coconut fiber and coconuts. These Kettuvellams were converted in a way to accommodate a two-three and four-bedroom. For example, you can rent Kettuvellams for yourself or on the basis of the equipment and enjoy the peace of the Backwaters.


The existence of scattered houseboats in Kerala is surreal. Sailing in the maze of canals on the dotted houseboat in combination with the intricate environment of nature is an experience that is not easy to describe. The methodical process of the points rising skyward and descending into the water that cuts the backwaters is hypnotic to look. The pointing process asks the power and muscle to rise and fall into the calm waters and to watch the boatman, does it with his bare hands drop the jaw.

Houseboats are made of lever wood, which was used in the past to transport goods, cargoes, food from one place to another. Braided palm leaves, aracanut trees and coconut masks were used to make the dwellings and toilets in the scoring boats. But today the boats are holding a lot of traditional touch, but have also seen some changes. Current houseboats are well-equipped to provide a sophisticated and striking living experience.

The old houseboats often include rooms intended to sleep and would require both ends and broad in the center. The central part is where the neighborhoods and the kitchen were placed, and the boat would also be used to rent the oarsman who would row the boat with a long pole.

The entire rowing of the boat process helped the boatman to go from one place to another, and they watched fishermen or local sellers on the banks of the waters selling goods. Sometimes the whole family would get enough and drive to end their business.
If you travel with pets, they will be admitted. However, make sure you have pet food and other facilities that you need.

As you embark your first journey as a family, choose Kerala in India as your destination for Explore Venerated Therapies in India with Ayurveda Tours.

If you have planned your Kerala tour package for the summer, make sure you bring sunshades, shades, wide brimmed hats and binoculars. For more details, visit at swantour.com; it’s a leading travel agent in India, since 1995. Book Kerala tour packages from Delhi or Kerala honeymoon tour packages at lowest price without any trouble.

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