Travel guide to the tourist site in Central India

Madhya Pradesh is a world of art and nature uniting to burn the burning of romance with a background of outdated beauty. From the artistic masterpieces of Bharat Bhavan to the romantic stone structures of Mandu, and the soft beams of moonlight on the marble cliffs of Jabalpur, Madyha Pradesh is a land of love and beauty.

Madhya Pradesh is located in the heart of the Indian subcontinent and is a fascinating country with a seemingly endless variety of cultural diversity mounted on a plateau between the Himalayan mountains. And it is the central focus of all four Indian religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam.

The state is characterized by a central plateau surrounded by mountain peaks and is one of the oldest places in India. Anyone interested in history and archeology would love this place! It has some of the oldest artifacts of human civilization dating from the Paleolithic era (25,000 BC) and is home to almost 40% of India’s aboriginal tribes.

There is a world of things to do and see here. Social events are plentiful and excited by the fact that numerous festivals are jumped everywhere in the region, adding color, music and dance to every corner of the state. The intricate designs of the ancient temples, the skilled crafts of contemporary artisans and the ancient paintings of the prehistoric man are both beautiful and inspiring.

For those who prefer the wonders of nature, the beautiful bamboo forests await a whole new world of exotic fauna and flora. There are 9 national forests and 21 animal reserves open to the public. Everything from leopards and tigers to crocs, turtles and migratory birds lives within their limits. Naturalists stand in front of the world of the most exotic beings. And there are countless bridal paths in the state that run along the waterfalls, forests, rocks, cliffs and glades, an unforgettable look at paradise.


In 1956, Bhopal became the official capital of Madhya Pradesh. The main source of economic power today is cotton fabrics and jewelry and is home to India’s largest mosque, the Taj-ul-Masjid.

Bhopal is a focal point for Indian art and culture, the home of theatrical productions and colorful artwork, and the hangout of the literary crowd. It is a well-planned community that relies on the active masses with festivals, dance and artistic activities.

Sleeps in the area from budget to plus plus luxury. One of the best hotels for the average Joe is Hotel Residency, a government-recognized 4-star hotel with a health club, swimming pool and sauna, 24-hour room service and a doctor in the bell. In addition to leisure facilities, this 47-room business hotel offers the comforts of internet, as well as secretarial and foreign currency exchange services. And best of all, it has a restaurant with a wide range of dishes and spirits. In Madhya Pradesh Business Management Articles, Ujjain is one of the most touristy places. This stone, SivaLinga, brought by the son of a cowherd, was soon decorated with gems and turned into a JyotirLinga.


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