Top 15 tallest and most spectacular waterfalls of India


As the monsoon arrives in India, the country of attractions offers the best ever natural scenery, including the valley of flowers, lush green mountains and some spectacular and amazing waterfalls. Maharashtra has the longest waterfall in India, known as Vajrai Falls, followed by Kunchikal Falls or Karnataka than Barehipani Falls or Orissa and a list of the highest falcons of Meghalaya.

Kunchikal Falls -Shimoga, Karnataka – 455 meters (1,493 ft)

Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls is a multi-tiered waterfall, falling from an altitude of 1,493 ft in Shimoga district, Karnataka. Kunchikal waterfall formed by Varahi River is currently the second highest waterfall in India and also the second highest waterfall in Asia.

Barehipani Falls -Mayurbhanj, Orissa – 399 meters (1,309 ft)

Barehipani Falls

Barehipani Falls

Barehipani Falls

The 1,309 meter waterfall is located in the deep dense forest of Simlipal National Park in Mayurbhanj of Odisha. Barehipani Falls is one of India’s top 5 higher waterfalls.

Nohkalikai Falls -Cherrapunji, Meghalaya – 340 meters

Nohkalikai Falls-Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls-Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls-Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls is the tallest waterfall in India with a height of 335 meters (1,099 ft), located near one of the wettest places on earth, Cherrapunji. Nohkalikai waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful and photographic falls in India.
Nohsngithiang Falls -Mawsmai, Meghalaya – 315 meters (1,033 ft)

 The Nohsngithiang Falls are also referred to as Mawsmai Falls and the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, located in Mawsmai village in East Hills Hills of Meghalaya. Nohsngithiang Falls is a segmented type of waterfalls and one of the third highest waterfalls in Meghalaya.

Dudhsagar Falls -Ga – 310 meters (1.020 ft)

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

The varied waterfall formed by the Mandovi River is known as one of the most spectacular fall in the world. As the name indicates, the water-falling waters appear white as milk, Dudhsagar.

Langshiang Falls, Meghalaya – 1,106 ft

Langshiang Falls

Langshiang Falls

Langshiang Falls

The Langshiang Falls is India’s 4th highest tallest waterfall and is formed by the Kynshi River, located near the village of Sangriang in the west coast of Meghalaya.

Kynrem Falls -Cherrapunji, Meghalaya – 305 meters (1,001 ft)

Kynrem Falls

Kynrem Falls

Kynrem Falls

Kynrem Falls is located in a beautiful park, known as Thangkharang Park, another popular attraction of Cherrapunjee in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya.

Meenmutty Falls -Wayanad, Kerala – 300 meters (980 ft)

Meenmutty Falls-Kerala

The most spectacular waterfall in the Wayanad is also Kerala’s second largest waterfall. Meenmutty Falls is a three-tier waterfall nestled in the deciduous forest in Wayanad, it is one of the most pristine places in India and is currently closed for public visit.

Thalaiyar Falls – Tamil Nadu – 297 meters (974 ft)

Thalaiyar Falls

Thalaiyar Falls or Rat Tail Falls is the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu and one of the highest in the world. Rat Tail Falls is nest in challenging walking and inaccessible to the general public.

Barkana Falls -Agumbe, Karnataka – 259 meters (850 ft)

Barkana Falls

The Spectacular Barkana Falls is listed under one of the top ten highest waterfalls in India, formed by the Sita River. Barkana Falls is located near the Agumbe village, one of the wettest places in India in Shimoga district in the western Ghats.

Jog Falls -Shimoga, Karnataka – 253 meters

Jog Falls -Shimoga

Famous Jog Waterfall is India’s second highest waterfall and the largest in the state of Karnataka. Karnataka has few of India’s best waterfalls and Jog Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in India.

Khandadhar Falls -Sundagarh, Orissa – 244 meters

Khandadhar Falls

The horse-tail type KhandaKhandadhar Falls -Sundagarh, Orissa – 244 metersdhar Falls is set amid the forest of Sundergarh of Odisha. Khandadhar Falls is the second highest waterfall after the Barehipani Falls and one of Orissa’s most popular falls.

Vantawng Falls -Ship, Mizoram – 229 meters

Vantawng Falls

Vantawng Falls is a two-fold waterfall with a total height of 751 ft, located deep in the forest of Serchhip district Mizoram. The Vantawng Waterfalls is the highest and most spectacular fall of Mizoram and the 13th highest waterfalls in India.

Kune Falls -Lonavla, Maharashtra – 200 meters (660 ft)

Kune Falls

The Kune waterfall is the second highest waterfall in the state of Maharashtra, located at one of the state’s best hill stations. Lonavla, known throughout India for the hard candy, known as chikki.

Soochipara Falls – Wayanad, Kerala – 200 meters (660 ft)

Soochipara Falls

Soochipara Falls, also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, is the second longest waterfall in Kerala and an ideal spot for mountain climbing and adventure activities. Autumn is surrounded by evergreen and mountainous forest.

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