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The Traditional Crafts Of India

No other country in the world compares to India with art and different crafts, The Indian cunning enjoys a great diversity, special attention to details and especially to some beautiful colors. Many travelers who travel through India often buy different traditional craft products to take home as souvenirs or gifts or friends and loved ones. Today we would explore some of the most beautiful handicrafts in India

Metal Work

Talented artisans from India can turn brass and bronze into attractive trays, plates, ashtrays, cups and bowls. The fine metal work of India can be found largely in northern Rajasthan. Tourists traveling to India are often encouraged to buy those beautiful memories.

There are also the famous works of Bidri, where the craftsmen inlaid with different beautiful designs in copper or perhaps silver are of more value. The Bidri collection includes jewelry boxes, ornate plates and many other items. These beautiful products can be a great gift to give to your friends after a wonderful holiday in India.

In the southern part of the country, it is copper crafts that dominate a lot. This is where artisans still make images of the Hindu gods in the old traditional method. A model of the image was carved in wax and then surrounded by clay. When the wax melts, the terracotta mold is used to produce copper images. This is another great memory to enjoy your holidays in India.

Carpet And Rugs Made By Hand

One of the most popular handicrafts in India is undoubtedly handmade carpets and rugs. Especially Kashmir carpets are famous all over the world due to their beautiful shades and the highest quality. Made of wool, silk or a combination of both, a Kashmir rug is quite familiar among tourists who travel to India.

There are also the Dhurries that are considered as an older type of handmade rugs. These are usually wool and are much cheaper than Kashmir carpets. There are also Tibetan rugs that are sold in many tourist cities that are often visited by large tourists who travel to India.

Leather Products

Leather products in India are usually quite good and are often sold at very good prices. These products are not usually made from cowhide. In many cases they are made of camel leather. However, they are quite good in quality and very competitive prices. This is the reason why different travelers traveling through India buy leather products.

There is also the famous Jootis. These incredible colorful shoes are popular throughout India. In Delhi, for example, tourists who enjoy their holidays in India do not sell these beautiful paintings.

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