Adventure Tour in India

Explore Adventure, Family Vacation Near Delhi

When it comes to family adventure vacations in the Delhi area, we have many options. We live in Delhi or in the National Capital Region (NCR), we are only one step away from Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan, all warm for a family adventure vacation.

When I say family, it means my husband, my daughter and me. We also take our niece and our cousins ​​on vacation. Because both my husband and I were on a full-time family adventure vacation, this often meant traveling alone with my daughter. It was weird when we three made a trip together! Now that I’ve canceled my work, I hope our record improves! For me, the most important family holidays were the following.

Trekking to Jamadi in Himachal Pradesh

Many people travel to Manali, but no more. There is another world out there, a little more than Manali. My daughter Chhavi and I started our adventure from Jagatsukh, which is only six kilometers from Manali. Our favorite guide Ramakant Sharma lives there. He is a brave soul. He took two mothers and two children on a walk to Jamadi, along with his team. We keep things easy, when it comes to walking. We have walked a total of three days. The children only found it difficult the second day. Chhavi loved collecting wildflowers and he liked the rain less! That was your opinion about our Trek Jamadi!

Walking Towards Deoria Tal In Uttarakhand

Deoria Tal is a beautiful lake near Ukhimath in Uttarakhand. The nearest village head is Saari. The lake runs 3 km uphill from there. Chhavi was too small when we went there. She sat on a pony and went down all the way. The lake receives beautiful reflections of the Himalayan series, especially Chaukhamba, but all we got were clouds. I was disappointed but the boy was not. She was busy doing parathas in the dhabha and talked to the local woman who gave her wild nuts to eat. Chhavi has shared her cookies with her in return.

Walking to Triund with Pope in Himachal Pradesh

Chhavi went to Triund last year with Seshadri. She would go on horseback, but the bangs she threw halfway. The girl walked the rest of the way alone! But it was too strenuous for her. The height was also high for her. They ran to Lake Kareri the next day to relax in the future.

Lake Kareri in Himachal Pradesh

Kareri is a small village near Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. The lake with the same name is about 10 km from the town. Chhavi and Seshadri visited Kareri Lake together, after which I could not touch the leaves. Chhavi went to the lake again on a pony. There he saw the snow for the first time and also tried to make a snowman! Homestay is your only option in the village.

Camping in the Ganges, Uttarakhand

Chhavi is now too small for raft. But she had a gala camp on the Ganges River near Shivpuri. Shivpuri is near Rishikesh. His favorite activity was playing with sand. She is much older than crawling. But I was so excited to live by the sand that crawled on all fours most of the time! She also had a gala time to practice kayaking.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

I’d say you take your son to a wildlife sanctuary instead of a zoo! They would appreciate the animal kingdom better. Chhavi has already been to Sariska 4 times. Sariska is close to Delhi, even closer to Gurgaon. If you like to drive, you can take your car. If it is not possible to take the Shatabdi Express train, it is perfectly logical. Go to Alwar and take a local bus to Sariska.

We all went together three years last year, But Seshadri refused to go on safari! Chhavi and I like to go on safari. This was his second safari in nature. Proudly he told a group of adults on his first safari: “I know because I’ve been here before.”

I hope my message offers you adventurous family vacation ideas that you can enjoy!

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