The Best Places to Enjoy Yourself Christmas

Enjoy Yourself Christmas


Enjoy Yourself Christmas

A happy family sitting at the table with dinner, visible from the window of a snow-covered gingerbread house decorated with a thousand twinkling lights. In the distance, Santa Claus is flying in his reindeer sleigh in the air to the silver moon. Christmas has always had this magical and dreamy image in my heart, which makes it so special. That’s why I love traveling to different places during Christmas, especially where it snows! The birth of Christ is celebrated in countries around the world. The way each culture celebrates this happy occasion is specific to indigenous places and traditions. Some destinations are more popular than others when it comes to vacation. If you already live in one of the cities that are considered the best places to celebrate Christmas, you are more fortunate than the rest of us. If not, you can always plan an incredible Christmas holiday in advance in one of these five best places to celebrate Christmas. From the northern lights to the sunny sky, we bring you a list of places that celebrate the Christmas better than the rest.

Enjoy Yourself Christmas in New York, United States)

The Christmas celebrations in the Big Apple are summarized in different films, making it even more familiar. A light layer of snow, colorful displays in shops and shiny Christmas lights, it is impossible to participate in all activities and celebrations of New York. Therefore choose from a long list. Rockefeller Center has the highest Christmas tree in the world that lights up in early December. Masses of people come together here on Christmas Eve. The course at the Rockefeller Center opened on Christmas Day in 1936 and is a popular spot for skating. On the other side of the street is the Christmas Spectacular in the Radio City Music Hall. The performance of “The Nutcracker” at the New York Ballet is a visual gift that every year sees a complete house. The spectators are transported to a beautiful country with magical stories. Walking through the commercial district of New York is another visual experience, because the shop windows are decorated with festive displays. Not only is Manhattan so beautifully decorated, but even neighboring New Jersey is an exaggerated spectacle of lights, colors and celebrations.

Enjoy Yourself Christmas in Lapland (Finland)

The magical Christmas fairy tale experience is really in Finland. There will be little sunlight in Lapland at this time of the year. The only light comes from the stars and the ice lanterns everywhere. The landscape seems surreal and beautiful from the interior of the igloos bathed in the aurora borealis; a spectacular light show by nature known as Aurora Boreal. The Finns are of the opinion that Lapland is the home of Santa Claus and not of the North Pole. With many reindeer Lapland has two Christmas parks: Santa Claus Village and Santa Park. You can make a reindeer ride and visit the Santa’s workshop here. You can visit polar bears at Ranua Zoo or take a traditional Finnish sauna bath. Take part in the three-day Christmas party to let your teeth sink in the pork roast, the traditional Christmas dinner of the Finn.

Enjoy Yourself Christmas Goa (India)

This beach paradise is a great place to appreciate your Christmas. Goa is blessed with exceptional natural beauty. The lush green hills have fed rivers that gently flow into the blue expanse of the Arabian Sea. The landscape is dotted with beautiful houses and remains of a Portuguese past. Christmas is marked on the beach by bonfires and parties all night long. Old Goa, on the other hand, has several churches and cathedrals that observe Christmas singing Christmas carols at the Mass. All houses are beautifully lit and there are many Christmas trees. The markets are full of tinsel and decorated with sparkling lights. Here you can buy endless Christmas treats. The Christmas mass at midnight is preceded by cultural events. The colorful gathering attracts large groups of residents and tourists. If you’re at Goa at Christmas, have a look at Sunburn Goa, the biggest music and dance festival in Asia.

Enjoy Yourself Christmas Amsterdam, (Holland)

Amsterdam is a beautiful city at any time of the year; an elegant meeting with medieval architecture and modern infrastructure. During Christmas it shines everywhere with white lights that you see reflected in the transparent channels. They say that Santa was born in Amsterdam. The festivities start a month earlier. Sinterklaas or San Nicolás is a very Dutch character. The day of San Nicolás, December 5th, tells the legend that Sinterklaas arrives to give gifts to the good children and banishes the bad to Spain. There are colorful parades everywhere and lots of fun. Christmas day in Amsterdam is celebrated with big parties, nice markets, bright lights, good food and good health in general. You can not miss the 20 meter high Christmas tree on the Dam, the Amsterdam Light Festival and the Amsterdam Canal Festival with classic performances.

Enjoy Yourself Christmas in San Juan, (Puerto Rico)

Puerto Ricans celebrate Christmas away from snow and reindeer. San Juan is the place to go to Christmas for Christmas celebrations. The air is full of music and songs. The festivities begin from the beginning of December to 6 January, the day of the three kings. They sing Christmas songs, eat exuberantly and celebrate a very sunny Christmas. Visit the town hall on the Plaza de Armas and the Paseo de la Princesa. Experience a tropical Christmas with light, food and lots of parties. It is a welcome change for those who are upset by the endless snow and chilling cold and are looking for something warmer. Christmas is a worldwide holiday, so it can be fun to spend it every year on a new and fascinating destination. Take your family on a vacation of a lifetime, it can even be one of these best places to celebrate Christmas. It is never too early to book these tickets and plan a fun New Year while you do that. I wish you a Merry Christmas! and get Online Shop for the best selection of Wine Aerator with Free gift set online at low price in USA on Amazon.

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