The newest destination in the domestic travel circuit for holidays is the country of Bhutan. Indian travellers do not need visa or the passport to  Bhutan Tour Packages any government identification is acceptable with the immigration authorities in Bhutan.Bhutan travel package mainly focuses

 Bhutan Tour Packages
Bhutan Tour Packages

on 3 destinations in BhutanParo , Thimphu and Punakha . The flight from Delhi lands in the city of Paro , which is approximately a couple of hours from the capital city of Thimphu. The most popular sightseeing in Bhutan includes the Tiger nest monastery in Paro , The Palace in thimphu and the ancient monasteries in Punakha. There are 2 flights from Delhi to paro , Druk Air and Bhutan Airways .For customized discounted of Bhutan Tour Packages From Delhi contact Swan Tours ,Delhi ,India.

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