What Is A Love Magic Charm

What Is A Love Magic Charm 1

How Do They Work?

Claudia came to me to ask how she could bring her love in love. We had a very revealing conversation, in which she admitted to enchant a colleague she was in love with but married. He had flirted with her and encouraged her, but he did not seem to want to leave his wife.

“I’m embarrassed about that now,” he said. “I wish I could get it back, I have not had a date since I did, and this was more than three years ago!” And he and I were at least good friends, and since I’ve done the spell, it felt like he felt frustrated with me all the time, and now we can hardly work together. ”

This is a classic situation. Claudia found a recipe for a love spell in a book. She has carefully configured the ritual and visualized it for her colleague. Unfortunately, when I thought of him, I also felt powerfully the frustration of unrequited love. Then this energy became part of the energetic explanation of the enchantment and because he found his energy to his, he can now make an effort to attract another person. On the other hand, when I saw the agreement, it was clear that I enjoyed that a beautiful lady fell in love with him and was well attended. At that level, he accepted the energy, albeit unconsciously, of the enchantment by stimulating his attention. You can see how this spell went wrong!

I have had more than one client who unfortunately admits this kind of situation to me, and I will confess that there was a time when I was young and practicing some Wicca traditions, and I considered the Love Spell chapter of my magic book. Spells are very powerful invocations and have karmic repercussions. I would never have uttered a spell, at least not for someone, and I advise you to do the same.

What Is A Love Magic Charm 2

What is a Spell?

Popular images illustrate spells cast by ugly or diabolical witches and busty ladies wrapped in black and usually with a magic wand, a crystal ball or an old manuscript that is decorated in the neighborhood. Proverbs are the origin of witches, both in literature and in history, and usually, include another person on whom the spell is directed. Love speeches are of course the most popular. In reality, everyone can express an enchantment without being a witch, and many witches do not use spells at all.

A spell is simply an intention reinforced by ritual and faith. If you have a spellbook, old or modern, spells will generally require objects from the natural world, different stones or plants, and a written part that describes the action of the spell. Proverbs are more powerful when they are performed during certain phases of the moon or on specific holidays, such as solstices or equinoxes. Each library or New Age website has a game book where you can see an example of how you can create and publish them.

The karmic implication of a spell is this: if you try to disrupt the free will of another by letting them fall in love with you, and on a certain level they accept the spell (or by fear or real fulfillment), then you have now a negative attachment to that soul life after life, and that will affect them both in ways that they cannot even know.

Do The Spells Work?

Yes and no. A spell that you use on another requires that they have buy-in and leads to permanent complications and negative results that you can not foresee. A spell that you pour out of love for yourself is much more powerful.

I told Claudia that she had the right to restore the original spell. Together we created a ritual where they could do this and free themselves from this man. Then I advised a crystal healing for her, to attract love, and we created a spell for her to do on her birthday to bring more love into her life. She was so relieved and after seeing how powerful the spells could be, she was convinced that these new versions would work.

I am pleased to inform you that Claudia went out with two men in mere three weeks after their rituals and “miraculously” restored her friendship with her colleague. She no longer flirted with him, and he was friendly without being unreasonable. This was the quickest change I had seen in my life, and I congratulated her on the strength of her faith and intention.

Love spells, like any form of intent, can work for you if you make them for you and never “turn them on.” Ritual helps build strength. A paranormally gifted person can help you make rituals for you or undo the inappropriate magic that you may have made.

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